Thursday, July 12, 2018

A Small Hardware Project: The O_C Programming Panel

For the first time since I bought my Ornament and Crime, it is fully-racked in my case with four screws. It will no longer spend most of its time propped up by a USB cable at an awkward 45-degree angle.

I cut into my case this evening and added an Ornament and Crime programming panel. It consists of a Switchcraft USB jack, a momentary push button, and a short USB cable for inside the case. Here's the panel in progress:

The Switchcraft jack has a USB Type B jack on one side, and a Type A jack on the other side. So all I had to do was connect a six-inch USB cable into my O_C's Teensy. To maximize its life span in there, I cracked open a brand new Teensy.

The button is to put the Teensy into programming mode, and it just connects to Program and Ground
terminals near the Teensy's on-board button. Here's the O_C hooked up:

I had to swap the positions of my O_C and my Varigate 4+, because the internal USB cable takes a lot of space to the left of the module, and it can no longer go up against the edge of the case. Fortunately, Varigate 4+ is really slim, and the cable has plenty of clearance below the Varigate 4+.

I'd prefer to have the O_C on the left edge, but I'll learn to like it this way. I'll keep my eyes open for a short right-angle USB cable. I've seen them right-angle, and I've seen them short, but....

Anyway, here's what the programming panel looks like from the back, once everything was back together:

This simple thing is going to save me lots of time that I've been spending hooking up the stupid USB cable and fishing around for the stupid tiny little button.

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