Saturday, June 9, 2018

A Few Thoughts Before We Begin


This is to be a blog about app development for Ornament and Crime (O_C).

My name is Jason, and I will be your host. I'm doing this because I didn't find much help for getting started. I thought that--if I manage to make reasonable inroads--my experiences might help others who are interested in extending the functionality of O_C.

Whether I make reasonable inroads is too early to say. If you're reading this, chances are that I've got a tutorial here that I think might help people like me. That is, I won't post the link to this blog unless there's something worth reading.

Why O_C? Well, I have some experience writing firmware (specifically, various types of sequencers) for Mutable Instruments Peaks. I hit a wall with Peaks due to its lack of save-able storage and its lack of CV inputs, and I saw potential in the O_C hardware to further my interest in unusual sequencers. I'm not that interested in the apps that already exist in the O_C firmware and this blog isn't going to be about those at all.

Three quick notes:

One: This will be a detailed step-by-step process

I'm going to write as I go, to help myself remember in the future, and to help anyone who has similar goals. We're talking baby steps here. I plan to have a whole post about how to install the firmware. If it's going too slowly for you, hop in your TARDIS and move ahead.

Two: I'm not an authority

I'll get things wrong. I'll misinterpret the point of existing code, and I'll probably re-implement things that have already been done. If I catch this kind of stuff (or if it's pointed out to me), I'll go back and edit for clarity. But if you're following me in real time, don't expect me to have any answers, because I'm learning. Maybe we can help each other!

Three: I'm Mac-Centric

Tutorials will be based on procedures for macOS. This will probably resemble Linux procedures very closely, but Windows might be a whole different world. I apologize in advance if this makes things more difficult for some readers, but I don't think the gulf will be too wide.

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